Machine Gun Kelly, MGK
Machine Gun Kelly, or MGK, was signed into Bad Boy records by Diddy.
    When you think about a label like Bad Boy records and all the great legendary acts that the label has produced in the world of music, it's only right that Diddy turned it up a level by signing Cleveland's own MGK. He also signed NY heavyweight French Montana around the same time. With a mix of braggadocio, lightning fast bars and an attitude so compelling that he's probably the only white boy that has torn down the infamous Rucker Park in NYC in a vivid performance from atop the basketball rim.

    Richard Colson Baker was born on April 22, 1990 in Houston, Texas to missionary parents and is better known by his stage names, Machine Gun Kelly and MGK. Baker and his family moved all around the world including Egypt and Germany, Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver, and Cleveland. Since he lived the first four years of his life in Egypt, he spoke Arabic before English. He started becoming obsessed with rap in sixth and seventh grade where he attended Hamilton Middle School in Denver, Colorado and the first two artists that got him hooked on Hip Hop as a child were Ludacris and DMX.
Machine Gun Kelly, MGK. Wild Boy
MGK breaks out with his single Wild Boy.
    MGK was on the verge of getting evicted so he went to Harlem's Apollo Theatre in March 2009 where he had back to back victories, making him the first ever white rapper to win at the Apollo Theatre. MGK is bold and brawny. He is also one of those cats whose hunger is very visible and clearly defines why he chose the road to stardom via Hip Hop. He went on to sign with Bad Boy/Interscope in 2011 and released his widely successful Bad Boy records debut, Lace Up, which was recorded in three months in 2010. MGK has come into the industry and demanded respect. His break out single Wild Boy featuring Waka Flocka Flame took the country by storm and combined the elements of Hip Hop, and Grunge along with the inevitable stage diving. The song was so huge that it's still a staple on the Hip Hop music scene across the country and the song can still turn a crowd up so much that when it comes on the wild boy comes out of everyone, guys and girls alike. When the track is played in the clubs or at shows, one can also see visions of super-stardom for MGK via his screaming and crying fans whenever he makes an appearance, proving that this kid has staying power.

    Coming from the bottom with absolutely no secondary plan, MGK knew that he only had one chance to crawl to the top, and he did it his way. Sure to be a staple for years to come, MGK fits nicely on the Bad Boy roster of artists and supplies countless amounts of energy during his live performances, and being that Ohio hasn't seen an artist this big on a national level since Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, it's long overdue for the state of Ohio to have someone as sharp as MGK reppin' the city.

    Now hate has always come about in Hip Hop and the strong withstand it so, I'd say that MGK will be batting in that cleanup spot for some time to come and why wouldn't he, after all he is a wild bad boy at heart.

by KB Tindal


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