Trayvon Martin was shot in Florida by a neighborhood watch volunteer.
    The unresolved case of 17 year old Trayvon Martin's egregious murder at the hands of George Zimmerman has experienced a problem that could change its complexion. The unnamed girl, known in the case as Civilian Witness 8 and suspected to be Martin's girlfriend at the time, erroneously told prosecutors she was in hospital on the day of his funeral. On Tuesday (March 5th), the defense checked her medical records and discovered she was in fact not admitted in a hospital at the time of Martin's March 3rd, 2012 funeral. The unnamed Civilian Witness 8 has produced a few inconsistencies in this case. Martin family attorney, Benjamin Crump asserts that she was 16 at the time of Trayvon's murder, while prosecutors claim she was 18 and of legal adult age.

    This is the most recent surprise in the case. On the same day it was revealed Civilian Witness 8 lied about her whereabouts, Zimmerman's attorneys waived his rights to a hearing on the Florida "Stand Your Ground" law set for April 22nd. The "Stand Your Ground" law states that if a person is murdered, all criminal proceedings stop and the murderer is given immunity if they can prove it was in self-defense. This is quite odd since a positive outcome from the April 22nd hearing would have immediately absolved Zimmerman of all criminality in the Trayvon Martin murder and stopped the court proceedings.

    Zimmerman is charged with second degree murder...

by Cedric Thomas

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