Gunplay, born as Richard Morales, shares his new found freedom.
    It has been a long battle for Richard Morales better known in rap circles as Gunplay. Gunplay surrendered to police on October 9th on an outstanding warrant stemming from armed robbery and assault chargers on April 13th, 2012.   

    Allegedly, the Cops & Robbers rapper assaulted and robbed Miami accountant Turron Woodside. Less than a week later, TMZ leaked incriminating video footage of the alleged robbery./assault. Gunplay was facing life in prison and went into court-mandated exile with his house arrest.

    He has returned a free man with the case being dismissed after reports from TMZ of Woodside being "uncooperative" released.

    Rejuvenated by this positive turn of events, the aggressive Mc is ready to capitalize on the momentum he created before being thrown behind bars and restricted to house arrest. Gunplay spoke exclusively with AllHipHop and took us on a play by play of his first week of being released since the case was dismissed:
The next day I was in New York with the Bath Salt Boss... with Rozay at [BET's] Rip the Runway. I'm just chilling. It feels good to be around my dog and my family. I was just chillin smoking good... reflecting on how these donkey n*ggas try to take a n*ggas shit... that don't stop nothing we working, we blessed... we prayed up."
by Cedric Thomas

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