Brooklyn Protest, Police Brutality
A Brooklyn man being apprehended during protests in Brooklyn, NY.
    Kimani Gray was a 16-year-old boy who was shot and killed by NYPD officers last Saturday, March 9th. According to New York Times:

"The 16-year-old boy who was killed in Brooklyn by the police in a hail of 11 bullets on Saturday night was hit by seven of them, three entering his body from the rear. One bullet entered his left shoulder in the rear, exiting in the front; two other bullets struck the back of his thighs, one in the left thigh and one in the right. Two bullets struck from the front, hitting his right thigh; one bullet entered his left side, striking his lower rib cage; and the last bullet hit his left lower forearm.”

Kimani Gray, NYPD
Kimani Gray, 16-years-old shot and killed by NYPD.
    While NYPD reports claim Kimani Gray was armed before he was shot down by police, there are some eye witnesses who have different accounts. One witness, named Tishana King, said she saw the whole thing happen from her apartment window and that she was certain the young African-American male 'didn't have anything in his hands'.

    In response to what the community is accepting as police brutality, Brooklyn residents took to the streets to protest against the NYPD on both March 12th and 13th of 2013. Several protesters were arrested during those days, and many are still understandably angry at the clear lack of attention on this issue on a national level. This event was not a major story in ANY of the mainstream media outlets (i.e. CNN, FOX).

    Let us all admit that racism has not been abolished from this country. It is very much still a major issue, and it could have been a motivation behind Kimani's death. Until we can all learn to first love one's self and then love all others equally, crap like this will continue to occur and cause further divide on an already divided country.

    Let's get together in peace and harmony folks.

by Kevin Lopez

Here are a few videos from YouTube if you would like to investigate this matter further.


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