"Freeway" Rick Ross
    Nick Cannon might not have been old enough to drink milk alone when convicted drug kingpin "Freeway" Rick Ross was at his height, but now he will be able to see what is like to be a major dealer in a new film. The charismatic comedian/rapper/actor/host will depict the street legend in the "real Rick Ross" upcoming biopic, as well as being installed as Executive Producer of the movie.

    While on the surface some may believe Nick Cannon seems like an odd choice to play a drug lord, the man born Ricky Donnell Ross believes it was perfect. "I chose Nick based on a few factors. The role is 17-25 in age, many of our award-winning actors are much older than that range. Nick is a guy who captures my character when I was in custody in San Diego."
    More shocking than the fact that the former Nickelodeon star was Ross' own choice is the fact that he made that choice over 15 years ago. In a YouTube clip with him and Cannon announcing the partnership, Ross says he has wanted Cannon to play his role since 1996 when he was only 16.

    Ross also said he and Cannon will be working together with his non-profit organization, Freeway Literacy Foundation. The film will be directed and written by acclaimed filmmaker Nick Cassavetes. "Freeway Ricky Ross is a living American legend. A modern day street genius. To not know his story is to not understand our country. how it works, what it needs, and what it will do to get it," Nick Cassavetes told AllHipHop.com in a previous interview. "From his modest Los Angeles beginnings to his meteoric rise to the top of the drug world, Rick's 'hustle' was unparalleled in modern history... but when that government was done with him, it locked him up and left him as the fall guy responsible for the destruction of an entire community."

    The as-of-yet untitled biopic will detail Ross' involvement in the drug trade of the 80's, his incarceration and more. According to Ross himself, there will be no glorification of the drug trade and the lifestyle associated with it in an attempt to present an honest tale:
"This story will be real, and show how the War on Drugs took young kids and turned them into criminals and set them for prison practically overnight. It's not just an LA story.  My reach was across the nation, into black, white, and all communities regardless of class. Our goal is to tell the truth, not a vanity piece."
    Ross seems to be determined to shed light on the inner workings and corruption of the drug trade as he also has a new documentary slated for release entitled Cracks In The System.

    Directed and produced by Emmy award-winning documentarian Marc Levin, Cracks In The System will delve into the mechanics of the old and new crack laws, the failed War on Drugs and even include commentary from Snoop Dogg, Warren G and more. Cracks In The System is set to debut in the fall.

by Cedric Thomas


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